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For NORMAL users! This client is allowed in all hubs and is considered the standard dcplusplus client. Ver. 0.691 is stable. (Exists newer, not as stables tho). IF YOU ARE NOT OP CHOOSE THESE CLIENTS, or you will get banned using the OP Clients below without permission.
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AirDC++ 2.03

Client by Night&Zinden. Virus scan after dl. 5 default languages. Background Image. Winamp Toolbar. Download retry. Auto connect when favorite hub is added. Fakeshare det. Open first x hubs at startup. Add fav user if dwl faster than x KB/s. More nice features.

Sourceforge Download 2 Download 3


StrongDC++ 2.21

Client by BigMuscle. Has a little more than the normal client. Segmented downloading. Partial file sharing. Customization. Speed limiter, but DONT use limiter or you will probably get banned within seconds. Popular.

Official Site Download 2 Download 3

OP Clients - (Ban if not OP so be careful please)


CrzDC++ 0.001 RC 02

OP Client Made by Curse and Cyber_Ninja. Auto-updated magnetlinks for TV-Shows, lost, PB, simpsons etc. Fake detector, virus detector. Gets all filelists, new and old. Multi segmented downl. Nice "doomed" Design.

Download 1

Download 2


Xion++ X26

OP client by Zinden, Myth & Northwind. Fake detector. Ignore OP/PM. Very fast search for alternatives. Multi segmented downlads. Secure transfers by TSL. Reconnect disconnected hubs & Threshold (close hubs below xxx users) from menu.

Official site

Download Now!

Zion++ Blue 2.06

OP client by Omega. Good reputation, a classic. 2.06 latest version. All detectors, fake share, fake slot, clone IP, nick spoofing etc etc. Ignore bot and lots more...

Download 1 Download 2 Download 3


zK++ 0.666

OP Client by Lord Zero. Has a massive "evil destroyer" detector system and many cool features like host to ip info, texteditor for special symbols, winamp cp, password generator, multiligual translator and lots more.

Official Site

Download 2 Download 3

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